Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is considered as one of the nicest places inside the United States are concerned. Ice originally covered it until a huge glacier slid south uncovering the northern Rocky Mountains. It has developed and maintained great scenery and hundreds of tourist activities for the last thousand years. Each year millions go to Yellowstone National Park to enjoy its beauty and wonder. The park has seen bad and good times, and offers many geological secrets for children and adults to explore, sense it's inception in 1872 by President Ulysses S. Grant.


Some of the parks beauty is attributed to the beautiful colors of pools and geysers scattered throughout the park. Most notably is 'Old Faithful', a geyser nicknamed for its consistent frequency of eruption. The colors in the pools and the geyser eruptions are due to a super volcano that lies beneath the seemingly safe, miles thick, granite mountain range. Due to shifts in the geological pressure, the large lake in located in the southeast corner of Yellowstone has risen almost ten feet to one side. This is the most notable visible shift of such pressures to the public.


The spring and geyser pools scattered throughout Yellowstone are colored brightly and attract many photographers and spectators from around the world. The colors in these pools are created by volatile chemicals (mostly forms of sulfur) that leach fourth from the volcanic activity below. Not only are these pools some of the hottest natural spring pools in the world, but some of the most dangerous to humans and wildlife as well.


Yellowstone National Park is mostly located in Wyoming, and entirely nestled in the Rocky Mountain range that stems from Canada to the southern United States. Due to its location, Yellowstone is ab-rust with many forms of naturally occurring wildlife, flora, and fauns species. Many families visit the park in hopes to glimpse the bison, bears, cougars and wolves that call the park home.


To increase the amount of wolves from endangered back to a sustainable level, Yellowstone National Park began a wolf restoration project in 1995 with the help of the National Park Service Dept. of the Interior and the United States Fish and Wildlife service. When the project began, free roaming naturally placed wolves from Canada were captured and reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park. Sense the project beginning the wolf population has grown more than 600%.


Although the imagery may be appealing and the wildlife abundant, there are some very real dangers in visiting the park. Like any national park there are rangers and park service employees as well as clear paths and designated tourist travel destinations within to help ensure public safety; However, due to the parks immense size and some parts inaccessibility, one can be seriously injured when visiting this outdoor tourist attraction. As with any wildlife situation, approaching or feeding the animals is prohibited for your safety. The staff at Yellowstone are attentive and focused on public and park safety. Remember when visiting any national park to take special care and attention of children and to be attentive of your environment.


Yellowstone, although only visitable for eight months out of the year due to winter closures, is one of the best outdoor family destinations in the world. With days of clear cut hiking, river rafting, horse backing, and acres of scenery, Yellowstone is the perfect destination for all members of the family. From curious to wise and everything in between, I encourage everyone to see this sparkling American National gem before the ever changing planet changes Yellowstone's scenery once again.