Transmission FAQs

Transmission FAQs

Transmission FAQs

1. How Do I Check Transmission Fluid?

Nearly all Phoenix transmission repair locations will do this for you for no charge. If you want to do it yourself, it is done with the car running-with Honda's being the lone exception to this. If you own a Dodge, put the vehicle in neutral and apply the emergency brake. All other vehicles should be situated in park. Pull the transmission dip stick and wipe if uncontaminated. Replace it and remove it again. Check the fluid degree as indicated on the dipstick. If it is low, take the vehicle to a transmission shop in your central Arizona neighborhood. The Mesa or Phoenix transmission repair shop will check for leaks because transmissions do not use fluid. Preventing or stopping leaks is a significant factor in avoiding damage that might have need of a rebuilt transmission.

2. Where Do Transmissions Leak?

If you take your vehicle to a transmission shop, the mechanic will check a range of locations for a leak. These include the pan, side cover, cooer lines, speedometer, frontage and rear seal, axle seals, servo cover, pump, filler tube, and the differential cover. Some Phoenix transmission repair businesses will charge for this visual inspection, even if it should be less than $ 50 and will likely be waived if you have them repair and leak that is found.

3. Is it Safe to drive if it is Leaking?

A minor leak may not cause immediate damage. But if the leak is important and enough fluid is lost, internal parts can quickly wear or deteriorate; leading to damage that can only be fixed with a rebuilt transmission. If you notice a leak (fluid beneath your car, fluid sprayed onto the tires or side of the car) take it to a transmission shop as soon as you can. It is topmost to have it looked at by a Mesa or Phoenix transmission shop rather than by a general mechanic so that the nearly all proper assessment can be made.

4. When Is a Rebuilt Transmission Required?

If the transmission shop identifies damaged or badly worn internal parts, it might be time for a rebuilt transmission. The Phoenix transmission repair mechanic will normally determine this through performance features - the car is slipping out of gear, is underpowered with the engine revving, won't go into reverse, etc. In some cases, the transmission will need to be removed and inspected at the transmission shop to ascertain if a rebuilt transmission is needed.

5. How do I Get the Best Durability from my Transmission?

Follow the maintenance schedule listed in your owner's manual and take it to a Mesa or Phoenix transmission repair location when it is time for service. If you have lost your owner's manual, the transmission shop can tell you how often your make and model needs to be serviced. Keep it maintained, check for leaks frequently, and if you find a leak or hear a strange sound have your transmission shop check it out immediately.