Top Ten Sales Jobs In Nc

Top Ten Sales Jobs In Nc

Top Ten Sales Jobs In Nc

Are you looking for the top ten sales jobs in NC? Well in that case you need to know a little about the state itself. North Carolina is one of the wealthiest states in United States. In 2008, the total gross domestic product of the state was $ 400.2 billion. 2007 saw the per capita income of the state increased to about $ 33,735.

There are many industries in the state but also the majority of the states revenue comes from agricultural products like eggs and poultry, nursery stock, milk, hogs, tobacco, sweet potato, cattle and soybeans. Greensboro, Charlotte and Raleigh are the chief cities that have experienced a huge growth in industrial set ups. Most of the sales jobs in NC are also to be found here.

The top ten sales jobs in NC are provided by the following companies.


Due to the massive economic incentive that Dell got from the state government, it has been in a position to provide sales work in NC.


If you are looking for NC sales jobs, then this is definitely one of the best companies to look out for. Hertford County was the place chosen by the company to build a new plant. This also gave rise to an increase in the sales employment of the company.

Spirit AeroSystems, Inc

This company announced in 2008 that it wanted to open up a plant in Global TransPark in Kinston. This decision also led to a rise in the industry and booming of sales jobs in and around the area.


Substantial tax exemptions were provided to this company for interstate air couriers in 1998. As a result of expansion of their business, the prospect of sales work in NC in this company has increased.


The NC sales work has seen a recent rise due to Googles new potential server farm at Lenoir. Google has plans to expand its business which means a growth in these jobs.


Due to the state grant that Fidelity received in building of a new facility in Research Triangle Park, it has needed more workers. Though this has led to an increase in workers needed for all kinds of jobs in the company, the sales field is the most affected one. If you have previous experience in sales, you can also sign up as a sales manager and earn handsome bucks from the company.


Apple Computers have a server farm in Caldwell County. The state government put a tax exemption on this farm. Due to the extensive rise in business of Apple all over the world, the demand for sales personnel in this company has increased. These personnel will not all be required to leave the country but can simply work from home and offices of Apple Computers at NC.


The ever expanding business has a new facility at Bladen County. They are one of the highest employers of sales personnel, regional sales managers and business sales executives. They also pay quite well, so if you are interested in securing one of the top ten jobs at NC, you better apply her and quick.


Merck Company in Durham, North Carolina has also been instrumental in hiring people for sales positions in the pharmaceutical company. So if you like medicine, you can well join as a medical sales representative here.

GE Hitachi

This is a joint venture of General Electric and Hitachi and is one of the top ten sales jobs companies in NC.

So what are you waiting for? The top ten sales jobs of NC are waiting for you so grab them today!