Top 5 Causes Of Constipation

Top 5 Causes Of Constipation

Top 5 Causes Of Constipation

For this article, I decided to write about the top 5 causes of constipation. Constipation is something I have dealt with for many years. As you know, constipation is a common problem and at some point, nearly everyone will deal with it in their life time. It is also one of the most searched topics on the internet as far as medical topics. Many people ask, what causes constipation? Here we will look at the top 5 causes of constipation.

1. Fiber

Not having enough fiber in your diet is by far the top cause of constipation. Fiber is important to the body for many reasons, the most important reason being for your digestion of course. Fruits have a lot of fiber. Many people that deal with constipation may find that they aren't eating enough fruits. Make sure to eat plenty of fruit! Also, many types of cereal also include a lot of fiber.

2. Medications

Medications are supposed to help us, but they also carry side effects. One such side effect of many medications is constipation. Even some over-the-counter medications may cause medications. This can include Tylenol, and many anti-depressants. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you only take medications unless you absolutely need them. In addition, if you find out that one of your medications is causing this side effect, try looking for an alternative medication.

3. Habit

Are you in the habit of having to go to the bathroom but holding it? This may eventually lead to problems with constipation. It is important to go to the bathroom whenever you need to. Failure to do so can result in a decreased urge of having to go to the bathroom. This of course leads to constipation.

4. Hormones

Believe it or not, hormones can also affect your bathroom habits and lead to constipation. For instance, a woman who is going through her period may often find that she has a hard time going to the bathroom. If you are dealing with constipation and also dealing with hormones, this may be the cause.

5. Diseases

Although it is rare, constipation can also be caused by a disease that may affect the brain or spinal cord. Although you shouldn't jump to conclusions, if you are dealing with long-term constipation you should always go to the doctor just to be safe.

I hope this list of the top 5 causes of constipation will help you in dealing with constipation in the future. If you are to take anything from this list, it should be to make sure you have enough fiber in your diet! The majority of constipation problems can be fixed through a simple change in diet. So go start eating some fruit!