Staten Island Doula

Staten Island Doula

Staten Island Doula

Staten Island moms, are you newly pregnant and wondering what to expect?   Perhaps wanting to know not only how to best take care of yourself, but what your birth options are, and what labor will be like? Staten Island’s doula service and childbirth education center, Birth Right Now, is here to help! We are here to offer you education, support, and community during the birth year and beyond!

There is no ‘right’ or ‘proper’ way to labor â€" and in fact, your body is designed to labor regardless of what you think about the process!As a Staten Island Doula and Childbirth education center, wehere at Birth Right Now believe that by presenting the full spectrum of options a woman has in regard to preparing for birth, and by then supporting her unconditionally as she proceeds along her chosen path, we can help her create a labor and delivery that sets her family of to a great start.

One key element of a good birth story is to approach your labor and delivery in a confident, relaxed manner.  You are most prepared to do this when you know what to expect, and by developing the skills to that enable you to feel prepared to move through your labor successfully, no matter what the journey turns out to be. Birth Right Now, Staten Island’s Doula and Childbirth Education center, can help demystify labor & delivery, so you know not only what to expect, but so you can be prepared to handle whatever comes your way.

How else can Birth Right Now, the leading Staten Island Doula Service and Childbirth Education Center do this? Through offering Staten Island the following:

·Staten Island Doula Services ·Staten Island Childbirth Education Classes that offer the full spectrum of evidence-based information, not just what a hospital or doctor may want you to know ·Newborn Care Classes ·Breastfeeding Classes ·Birth Journey Art Classes that use different media to explore your joy and concerns about birth and your entre into parenthood ·Birth Moves: Fit to Deliver Classes to help you learn ancient dances that are believed to help with labor progression, as well as discovering a variety of labor comfort techniques and labor positions. Not to be missed!

In case you are wondering what a Staten Island Doula does, we can explain that to you fully too! A Birth Right Now Staten Island Doula is there to offer you continuous support throughout your labor, right through the first hour of your child’s life. Doctors, midwives, and nurses have to divide their time amongst many patients. Your Birth Right Now Staten Island doula, however, will provide you with continuous support, while helping you navigate the path that leads to the birth of not just a baby, but of a new mom! Your Birth Right Now Staten Island Doula will also help guide you and your birth partner through the different labor positions and comfort measures that can make labor pass more quickly and easily, while freeing your birth partner of the stress of trying to manage everything, so that your birth partner is now freed to focus on your emotional support.

Studies show that use of a Birth Doula can help do the following:

· Reduce the overall cesarean rate by 50% · Reduce the length of labor by 25% · Reduceoxytocin use by 40% · Reduce the use of pain medication by 30% · Reduce forceps deliveries by 40% · Reduce requests for epidural pain medication by 60% · Reduce incidences of maternal fever · Reduce the number of days newborns spent in NICU (neo-natal infant care unit) · Reduce the amount of septic workups performed on newborns · Result in higher rates of breastfeeding · Result in more positive maternal assessments of maternal confidence · Result in more positive maternal assessments of maternal and newborn health · Result in decreased rates of postpartum depression


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