Promote The Standardization Of Drugs Throughout The Cold Chain Logistics Management

Promote The Standardization Of Drugs Throughout The Cold Chain Logistics Management

Promote The Standardization Of Drugs Throughout The Cold Chain Logistics Management

HC HVAC & R Network Throughout the cold chain vaccine refrigeration is an important guarantee for quality and safety of drugs, whether production, factory, transport, storage, terminals are required to protect the cold chain. Not "broken chain" is the most basic principles of cold chain logistics, or may lead to vaccine failure, affecting people's lives.

"Drugs in circulation out of the quality problems, Tracing the source is very difficult." Standardization Technical Committee of the National Cold Chain Logistics Sub-Technical Committee Secretary Liu Wei war cold chain logistics aspects of current drugs loopholes deeply worried. As China's current lack of uniform standards for pharmaceutical cold chain implementation, the pharmaceutical cold chain management company uneven level of process control. At this stage not all the companies involved in cold chain logistics can provide records of temperature monitoring and control, cold chain during transportation, there are still problems such as poor temperature control. Because there is no temperature control records, once a logistics link "broken chain", which is difficult to investigate whether it is part of the problems.

Cold chain logistics standardization process is a large and complex, gradual improvement project. Development and growth throughout the cold chain system must not only compete, but also between industries and enterprises have Cooperation And exchanges. Cold chain logistics industry to jointly promote the development needs of all parties to work together in the end benefit all parties concerned.

Cold chain sub-technical committee has been chain logistics in 2009, the work of the seminar series of standards to determine the future national standard in the implementation of standard operating procedures committee process, to perform "business-oriented" approach and the work of " market-oriented to serve as the core to the criteria of "principle. "Standard for cold-chain logistics to enterprises as the mainstay, as the ultimate standard by the enterprise to implement and enforce. Therefore, the participation of enterprises is essential." Cold war marked appointed Secretary-General Liu Wei said.

War, said Liu Wei, included in the 2009 National Standard Committee of the four project Medicine Standard cold-chain logistics, the main drafter of all business representatives, rather than experts in related fields.

Leading enterprises and key enterprises the backbone of the industry, but also the development of cold chain industry promoters and beneficiaries, and therefore in the cold chain standards, led by industry leading companies involved, the process is a generalization of the standard process and the future implementation of the standards business or principal. If the standard-setting is an expert behind closed doors, without the participation of enterprises, such standards are often a mere formality, on paper.

It is understood that in the standard preparation and amendment process, the leading enterprises as the drafting unit, the survey of more than 10 companies, and the formation of research reports. Professional Committee of the cold standard commission basis in the investigation report will be details of the guidance and revised the final draft of the standard form.

Liu Wei war that companies involved in the drafting of standards, not only a lot of research work to be done, but also bear the corresponding costs. Therefore, this requires a highly motivated company, with a high sense of social responsibility to work to together to promote standardization of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics management.

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