FDA Approved Appetite Suppressant: FDA Approved Diet Pills And More

FDA Approved Appetite Suppressant: FDA Approved Diet Pills And More

FDA Approved Appetite Suppressant: FDA Approved Diet Pills And More

When it comes to shopping for a weight loss pill, an FDA approved appetite suppressant can seem like the best bet. After all, with the Food & Drug's Administration or FDA's stamp of approval, it's probably both safe and effective. While that is true, we should also note that many of the best appetite suppressants do not require prior FDA approval. Also, FDA approved suppressants are prescription medications that may be too strong for most users. In this article, we will explain the FDA approval requirements for weight loss medications and supplements and how to find a safe and effective pill for your needs.

What It Means To Be Approved

Over-the-counter weight reduction products do not need approval by the Food and Drug Administration. For example, Phentermine which contains the active ingredient Apidex-P is an FDA approved appetite suppressant used to treat obesity. Alli is the only weight loss aid approved by the FDA that is available over the counter. Alli is a fat blocker pill. The sensation of not being hungry is not directly caused by a pill.

Over the counter appetite weight loss supplement pills do not need FDA approval

Appetite suppressants and other supplements made to help people lose weight weren't required to get FDA approval before they could be sold over the counter. Under FDA rules, these are classified as dietary supplements made with non-pharmaceutical and known dietary ingredients such vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids or extracts.

So if your goal is to absolutely find an FDA approved appetite suppressant, then you will need to speak with your doctor and have him or her prescribe the appropriate pill that best suit your needs. If your goals is to lose weight safely and to try something available over the counter, then take a look at the following tips.

Guidelines For Buying Supplements Without a Prescription

People should be careful when choosing the right appetite supplement to take, because appetite supplements do not have to pass through stringent tests to be sure that they're effective or safe. The manufacturer is responsible for providing a safe product to consumers. In certain circumstances the products are not as safe as we want them to be. In May 2010, the FDA asked for certain Brazilian diet pills to be removed from the market after they found illegal pharmaceutical elements in the pills.

Are There Any Studies To Back Up Their Effectiveness?

The first thing to do is to read through the website of the product and look to see if this manufacturer is able to provide a sound and reasonable representation for the safety and effectiveness of the product.