Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits

The Dried Apple

An apple chip is one example of a fruit that may be dried. A dried apple has its core removed before the process. The texture remains delicate yet it is also sweet tasting. As a good source of dietary fibers they may be used to sprinkle baked products like cakes and muffins. You may also sprinkle some to your oatmeal. If your kids don't really like fresh fruits, dried fruits are good alternatives for snacks and lunches. Furthermore, fruits left in the open dry out superbly and may be used to preserve their scents and for decorations as well. Dried fruits may be stored in a cool and dry place to last for weeks.

The Dried Apricot

Apricot is another dried fruit that has a really sweet flavor. Apricots are chewy when dried and are good sources of potassium and fiber as well as vitamin A. You can stew the dried apricot to use to top a cake or muffins or in ice cream too. Since they are high in potassium, they are excellent trail food for people who climb mountains or go for lengthy hikes because they are easily carried and not squished. They are great when eaten on their own for snacks in school. Dried apricots, like many other fruits, have high nutritional values. You don't have to refrigerate them and they will last for a long period of time.

The Dried Cranberry

A fairly recent dried fruit favorite, they may be small in size they make up for it in nutritional value. They are both sweet and tart and have lower sugar content, that's why people love them and are usually combined with other sweeter-tasting dried fruits for variety. Stored in a tight container they will last for a few weeks or more. They are great additions to baked muffins or put in to your plain pancake batter. They make a great granola addition too. Because of the tartness a few may be added so check the listing to ensure you aren't ingesting extra added sugar in this treat.

The Dried Pineapple

With this dried fruit you get a good burst of pineapple so you might want to combine it with other dried fruits when you purchase your bulk peanuts. Available in different types it's a good source of fiber. Check for added sugar before buying a package.